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Many of you may know the great work done by Taryn Brumfitt and her Body Image Movement

Taryn has just released a documentary to encourage positive body image for children and young people. BDCF is a producer on the movie, and we are bringing the movie and Taryn to Bowral for a fundraising Premiere and Q&A during mental health awareness month in October. To get Taryn across from Adelaide in person we need to donate $5,000 to her Foundation. Can you put your thinking caps on and send us suggestions/introductions to organisations that may like to get behind us on this. We have bronze donations for $500, silver donations for $1,000, gold donations for $2,500 and the platinum donation for $5,000. Premium sponsors will get the chance to provide the closing remarks and all sponsors will receive online, on-screen and at event credits. We have to have all donations collected by the first week in October to make this happen!


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